Self-powered cradle platform, Monorail

Is a Building Maintenance Units comprising an aluminium monorail system fixed around the perimeter of a building or structure helping a suspended cradle to travel along the monorail system. The Sky Climber SCE-1E is an electrical trolley designed for horizontal movement on monorail tracks. The SCE-1E trolley is used as carrier for Sky Climber suspended platforms, allowing these to travel sideways under the SCE Monorail 160 track.The system can be used with a traditional 2 hoist swing stage by incorporating 2 trolley systems on a monorail or a single workcage with one trolley system. Complete access solution for interior and exterior applications. Inside and Outside corners available. Powered or Manual trolleys move smothly along the horizontal length of the track. Tracks supported by mounting brackets either from directly above, or from the side.

Self-powered cradle platform, Monorail

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EN 1808:2015