SKYCLIMBER - The Building Maintenance Unit and suspended platforms, PI

The Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) is a system with telescopic jibs for all cleaning and maintenance on buildings. The cradle is designed to take one or two people together with their tools and cleaning materials.


The Alsipercha is a personal fall arrest system, consisting of a steel body and a self retractable lifeline that locks when an acceleration occurs during a fall. It provides total freedom of movement, as it rotates 360 º on its own axis. Widely used in Construction, it can also be used in Industrial and Logistics sectors, thanks to its wide versatility, with multiple possible configurations.


Fall protection system is defined as horizontal as it does not show up to 15° slope. VERTIC horizontal lifeline systems can be flexible – lifelines, or rigid – rail system – to fit perfectly any requirements.

VERTIC’s engineered fall protection systems offer unlimited alternatives of use and application (roofs, manufacturing areas, machines, stadiums, photovoltaic panels…) and optimum safety for their users.


The most used fall protection system for highly trafficked areas are guardrails. Designed as a protection barrier, they allow safe access to a specific point, protect users against hazards when working at height and mark danger areas.Installed all along the roof limits or around industrial machines, they allow an easy access without using any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against falls  from a height and ensure the safety of workers while doing maintenance or cleaning operations.