Fall Protection Anchor Steel | countered/ screwed

A 16mm thick stainless steel rod is at the heart of our ABS-Lock III-ST anchorage device. This anchor is suitable for loads in any direction and can secure up to 3 individuals working at heights. Our anchorage point was developed for installation on load-bearing steel structures. It can be used to secure your workers in industrial halls or when working on crane ways or roof surfaces. The anchorage point thread is simply inserted into a matching bore hold and then countered using the counter nut supplied (standard package).

Fall Protection Anchor Steel | countered/ screwed

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Výška stĺpika je variabilná, K dispozícií je samotné oko až do výšky 1000 mm, priemer 16 mm.


EN 795:2012


EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2013DIBt Approval | Ü- Sign