Fall Protection Anchor Hollow Core Slabs | doweled

This anchorage device needs 4 specially-designed slab expansion dowels to securely install TSL-500-HD10 anchor on a ribbed or concrete hollow core slab ceiling. The subsurface must be made of C45/55 (B55) quality concrete or higher. When ordering, you can choose from a variety of models - ranging from 300 mm to 1000 mm. Which protrusion you require depends on the roof covering and whether you are planning to install a retention or arresting system. All TSL 500-HD10 components the anchorage eyelet, base plate (150 mm x 150 mm) and welded-on supporting rod (Ø 42mm) - are manufactured from weather-resistant stainless steel material. The product comes with the 4 slab expansion dowels required for installation. Once professionally installed, our anchor is suitable for all directions of load. This makes it ideal for usage as an intermediate or end support in a lifeline system - allowing you to secure every inch of your roof.

Fall Protection Anchor Hollow Core Slabs | doweled

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Základňa 150 mm x 150 mm, priemer stĺpika 42 mm, výška 500 mm.


EN 795:2012


EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2013DIBt Approval | Ü- Sign