Fall Protection Anchor Pitched Roof | screwed on

Anchorage point and ladder hook all rolled into one - meet our ABS-Lock DH04. This device has been tested and certified as a roof hook in accordance with EN 517:2006, type B, i.e. it is suitable for all directions of load. In practice, this is a major criterium as the work of a user implementing one of our ABS-Lock DH04 anchorage devices is not normally confined to the area directly below the anchor. This device allows you to work safely right across the roof surface. You can hook up to the roof safety hook as soon as you step onto the roof - even if this is installed right next to you.Our stainless steel roof hook is equipped with a cranked shaft specially designed to bridge the roof cladding. It is installed by screwing two bolts through the counter battens and into the beam. A series of inhouse tests have demonstrated that, in practice, this anchorage device can secure up to 3 individuals simultaneously.

Fall Protection Anchor Pitched Roof | screwed on

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Dĺžka strešného háka je 434 mm, odsadenie od strechy je 230 mm.


EN 517:2006
EN 795:2012


EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2013DIBt Approval | Ü- Sign